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Appeal at City Council

Our appeal is going to be heard by Oakland City Council this fall.┬áIf we don’t show up this one last time, we will never get equitable space in our parks.

During the “Save Astro Park” stakeout: this is where they choose to leave an entrance. In reality, the entrance to the dog park is on Lakeshore. (click to enlarge).

Recently, the anti-dog park group has again been spreading misinformation to rally opposition to this long-planned park. They staked out the footprint of the park. But, in their continuing effort to scare parents they made an entrance to the dog park right next to the tot lot. (See photo).

If this blatant fear-mongering makes you as angry as it did at the Planning Commission meeting, let Oakland City Council know! Send an email and tell City Council they should reject these lies.

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