Kids and Dogs

Kids really do love dogs! Throughout history, I’m sure you’ve read many stories about dogs and their owners. From Clifford the Big Red Dog, Kipper and Carl to Balto, the dog that saved Nome and Jack London’s dog, Rollo. Our country has always had dogs by our sides.

Science has shown that animals offer many health benefits. They lower blood pressure, relax respiratory patterns, encourage social stimulation, and increase confidence and self-esteem.

Here are some great links showing the love of dogs and kids.

Lakeview Library (right next to this park) even lets dogs in. PAWS to Read Let the pups from PAWS bring your kids on the right path to literacy! The ironic part about the Paws to Read program is that participants are technically breaking the law bringing their dogs from the sidewalk to the library.

Tony LaRussa’s Animal Shelter Great classes for kids of all ages. They even have a summer camp for kids!

All Ears Reading. At home, at school, at the library: sharing story time with an attentive animal cultivates the self-confidence a child needs to read aloud, instilling a life-long love of reading and books. ARF’s All Ears Reading® utilizes trained pet teams to create a relaxing, nurturing reading environment that encourages improvement in your child’s reading skills. The program is open year-round to children grades 1-5.

The Obama’s got a dog! A White House dog plus, he’s even got a blog.

Safe Kids / Safe Dogs learn about the right ways to meet/great/live with dogs and kids.

Dogs&Storks First National Program to prepare families with dogs for life with baby.

Learn about therapy dogs. Enhancing quality of life through the human-animal bond.

Jack London’s dog, Rollo

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