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The following letter was sent to Oakland City Council member Pat Kernighan by Pamela Drake, The Executive Director of the Lakeshore Business Improvement District, which represents over 100 businesses in the Grand Lake area.

Po Box 16268
Oakland, CA 94610

March 16, 2011

Council Member Kernighan
District 3
City Hall
Oakland, CA 94612

Dear Council Member Kernighan,

The Lakeshore Business Improvement District is aware of the controversy surrounding the building of a dog park just beyond the freeway from our district. Initially, we had some concerns about the park. For instance, we had wondered how the swampy land there would handle the deposits by the dogs.

We have been reassured that this piece of the field has been filled in and that wood chips would be used to prevent a return to swamp-like conditions. We also understand that dog owners will maintain the park.

We are not opposed to a well-thought-out, well-maintained dog park near our commercial district. In fact, we believe that it may turn out to be an amenity that will draw more shoppers to our district as other dog parks have done. In addition, we believe that many local dog owners will walk to the park as they now do to the market.

Our neighborhood is home to a bursting Farmers’ Market and a thriving retail mix. Neighbors throng to both areas and find many of their needs met by them. We strive to provide as many of the amenities that a successful urban area can offer and envision a well-maintained dog park as one of them.


Pamela Drake,
Executive Director of the Lakeshore Avenue BID

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